Iron Coyote Run Club

Reach Heights You Never Thought Possible

By joining the Iron Coyote Run Club you will be coached by knowledgeable, supportive, enthusiastic coaches and receive advice about recovery nutrition and supplemental strength training for distance runners. As students of the science behind distance running we are always learning more about training to provide runners the best training possible!

Our Program

12-Week Program from August 10-October 30
Runners will meet at various sites

Our Philosophy

As a runner for the Coyote Run Club your success is our success. We are here to help you reach your goals and will do everything possible to help you along the way. Our personal philosophy is to train smart is just as important as running hard, recovery is critical to success, training plans are not one size fits all, and the most important three are as follows! Do your best make, no excuses and have fun!

Our Trainer

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson has been a distance coach for 15 years at the high school and middle school level. For the past eight years he has also become a personal coach for runners in our community and other areas in Illinois.

He has worked with a wide range of runners from beginners to state champions. He has coached track runners, cross country runners, as well as 5k through marathon runners. As your personal trainer he will write out a dynamic training plan customized for your level of fitness and running background to ensure you get the training experience you deserve.

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