2020 FINA Event at Iron Coyote

September 26

Iron Coyote is hosting our second Federation of International Ninja Athletics (FINA) event. The one-day event will be split into two categories with multiple age groups. Compete against the area’s best and see how you can tackle the Iron Coyote Ninja Courses!

All competitors must be registered FINA Members prior to competing!

The Competition

Individuals may choose to compete in one or both of the competitions.

Young boy starting his run at Iron Coyote

Speed Event

Can you complete the course before the clock runs out? Athletes competing in the FINA Speed event will be presented the opportunity to run a course that consists of eight (8) consecutive obstacles. Each FINA Speed course will have a fixed time limit, established by the course administrator and the members of the FINA Board.

Kid on rings at Iron Coyote

Endurance Event

Athletes that compete in a FINA Endurance event, will be tested with a twelve (12) obstacle course designed to push the athlete to the limit, exhausting all major muscle groups. Each FINA Endurance course will have a max time limit per athlete, predetermined by the course administrator and the FINA Board.

The Age Brackets

There are four kids divisions along with two adult divisions. Adult divisions include ages 16-40 and 40+ (Masters).

Years Old
Years Old
Years Old
Years Old
Years Old
Years Old (Masters)

Athletes can elect to compete in the age group of which their age falls on July 1, 2020 of the year of the start of the season. Additionally, an athlete can choose to compete up one age grouping. An athlete can petition to the FINA board to compete in a grouping that exceeds one age grouping up.

Masters athletes can choose to compete in either the Adult or the Masters division.

For all athletes, the age grouping for the entire season will be determined by the age grouping competed in during their first competition of the season.

Registration and Fees

Athletes may register for a single event or register for both the Speed and Endurance events. The combined registration is the best value and the most popular package. Registration includes one spectator pass. Check-in times will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, September 26.

Health and Safety

All participants are required to wear a mask up until their run. All non-participants are required to wear a mask, unless they are seated at our socially distanced tables.

Speed Event
Endurance Event
Both Events
Spectator Fee - One Day

Frequently Asked Questions

The Federation of International Ninja Athletics is a new ninja warrior league. Their first event was held in November 2019 in Lancaster, New York. Learn more about FINA at FINA.Ninja.

FINA is brining ninja sports back to its roots. It comes down to the athlete vs. the course. Athletes will only compete against the course, and not athletes, until the Round of Champions at the World Finals.

For any FINA related questions, please contact Roy Krauthamer (roy@fina.ninja) or Pat Hall (pat@fina.ninja).

FINA will host the inaugural World Championships at Ninja Citi in Columbus, Ohio. Full details can be found on FINA’s website.

There are two ways to qualify.

For Speed Course Championship:

  1. Clear any speed course in under the time limit.
  2. Accumulate 21 points (Speed obstacle clears) throughout a season.

For Endurance Course Championship:

  1. Clear any endurance course in its entirety.
  2. Accumulate 36 points (Endurance Obstacle clears) throughout a season.

Yes, chalk is permitted.

No. Once the course for the event is setup, athletes are not permitted to practice. You may train at Iron Coyote prior to the event itself, but not on the competition course.

All age groups will compete on both days.