The Iron Coyote staff is here to help ensure your birthday party is a huge success. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, but the details below are a great place to start!

Please note: If you arrive with more guests than originally stated, you may be charged for an additional party host. If you arrive without the appropriate number of chaperones for your group you will be required to purchase the additional party host.

Though we do have waiver stations at our facility, we ask that you please forward the Online Waiver Form to all your party guests so they or their parents can fill out their waiver(s) ahead of time. Our goal is to have 100% of waivers completed upon arrival to expedite the check-in process so we can get to the fun faster!

Please send a guest list to events@ironcoyotepark.com no later than a week before your scheduled event. This helps us confirm which participants do not have waivers done in advance.

We do not permit outside food, beverages, or coolers to be brought in with the exception of desserts. Cake, cupcakes, cookies, candy, etc. are allowed. Vegetarian and gluten free options are available for purchase through our cafe, and allergy information can be provided on request by contacting our guest services manager at events@ironcoyotepark.com.

All participants are expected to wear clean, closed-toed, athletic style shoes with lace-up or velcro closures. No Crocs or slip-on sneakers are permitted. Clothing should be comfortable and easy to move around in, but not overly loose or baggy enough to get caught on any of our equipment. We ask that no jewelry be worn on the courses, as there is a high likelihood of them being damaged or causing injury to the guest or others on the course. This includes smart watches and wedding bands.

We have minimum height and weight restrictions for some of our elements:

  • All guests must be a minimum of 52 inches tall and weigh a maximum of 275 pounds to participate on the high ropes course. A child that is 48 inches tall may access the high ropes course with a parent or guardian present.
  • All guests must be a minimum of 40 pounds and a maximum of 275 pounds to participate on the speed walls.
  • All guests must be 48 inches tall to participate on the bouldering wall.

Children 5 and under are not allowed on the high ropes course, bouldering wall, or speed walls regardless of height and weight. They may participate on the ninja courses and soft play obstacles.

Our expectation is that during birthday parties, there is a 1:4 parent to child ratio for any party over 10 guests and that they are actively assisting us in supervising their guests.. Participants ages 5 and under must have a parent or guardian present on the courses with them at a 1:2 parent to child ratio.

Yes. We can add additional participants and food items at any time before or during your event. You can do this by logging in to your account and adding them yourself, our guest services representatives can do this for you if you call our facility at (309) 205-7500, or you can add them the day of your event by speaking with your party host.

Every party is 2 hours long. We will always start with a 5 minute orientation in the party den, then we will begin on the ninja obstacles and bouldering wall. After about 30 minutes of play time, we will take a break in the party den for pizza, cake, and presents. This usually takes about 30 minutes, but can be longer or shorter depending on your specific needs. Your party host will then escort any participants who want to do the high ropes and climbing walls up to the harnessing area, and they are free to play at their leisure for the remaining hour.

We provide cups, plates, napkins, and utensils. We do not provide tablecloths or streamers and do not allow confetti inside the facility.

Helium balloons are allowed, but must be tied to a weight. Weights are available to purchase for $2.00 each.

You are welcome to bring in your own decorations, however, we do not allow confetti or sparklers inside the facility inside the facility.  Keep in mind during high-volume times we cannot allow early entrance to the dens, so on the weekends we advise keeping decorations as simple as possible.

Helium balloons are allowed, but must be tied to a weight. Weights are available to purchase for $2.00 each.

We charge $50 for each additional 30 minutes of room time (some restrictions apply) and $5/hour for each guest.

Gratuity is not included in the price of your booking. Tips can be left on a card or in cash. They are never required or expected, but always appreciated!

We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the time of your booking. This gives us a chance to check in all the party guests and gives parents a chance to fill out any last minute waivers that have not been completed. We can not guarantee early access to party dens, but will allow it whenever possible.

The pizzas are 16” pizzas. They are always cut in squares for parties. They will feed anywhere from 3-10 guests.

One t-shirt is included in the birthday package. Additional t-shirts can be purchased for $15. We offer a 20% discount on t-shirts if you purchase 7 or more.

The $100 deposit required at the time of booking is non-refundable. We can reschedule your party with two weeks notice for no additional charge.

Parents who are only supervising do not need to be included in the head count. A guest only needs a wristband if they are actually participating on the obstacle courses.