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The Iron Ninja Program is designed for everyone from beginner to seasoned athlete. The program has five pillars: Mind Set, Body Awareness/Coordination, Climbing/Grip Skills, Balance/Agility and Strength/Conditioning .

Being an Iron Ninja is more than coursework and strength, but also teaches sportsmanship and respect. These key components paired with our state-of-the-art facility will bring out the ultimate athlete on and off the course.

For our younger ninjas we cleverly disguise the five components of ninja training as life skills. This creates endless opportunities for beginner ninjas to have fun while learning.

Ninja Class Schedule

Our next round of Ninja Classes runs from Jan 1st- Feb 9th.

Class Descriptions

Little Warriors

Ages: 3-5

This class is dedicated to introducing your little ones to the world of ninja! They are sure to have a blast training on our soft play obstacles and our ninja courses.

Ninjas learn a combination of martial arts, gymnastics, and ninja movements. This class also focuses on responsibility and impulse control, cleverly disguising life skills as ninja skills!

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Junior Ninjas

Ages: 6-9

This class is designed for anyone who has shown interest in the sport of ninja and would like to learn more. Junior Ninjas focus on the fundamentals of course movement and analysis, obstacle training, and building strength.

Junior Ninjas is currently for those entering the program, Blue and White levels.

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Junior Warriors

Ages: 6-9

This class is designed for anyone who has shown interest in the sport of ninja and would like to learn more. Junior Warriors focus on the fundamentals of course movement and analysis, obstacle training, and building strength.

NEXT level class for those who have been involved in the sport of ninja and are looking to advance their skills and strength. After learning the 5 core pillars, Obstacle Movement, Momentum Management, Balance & Agility, and Climbing & Grip skills. They will apply them on our ninja courses, RIG, climbing walls and aerial ropes course.

Junior Warriors is currently for those entering the program, Grey, Green and Black levels.

Iron Warriors

Ages: 10-13

Iron Warriors is designed with the intent of developing healthy habits. Iron Ninjas in Training focuses on obstacle movements and strength development needed to achieve course completion. This class is a 50/50 split between coursework and conditioning.

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Iron Strength & Conditioning

Ages: 14+

Primary focus on weight and strength training while incorporating course aspects. Such as, obstacle training, movement techniques, and course completion.

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Iron Challenge

Ages: 14+

Iron Challenge is for the ninja who is interested in personal development paired with course training and the intent of creating healthy habits. This class will be split 50/50 between the courses and our training ZONE. Ninjas will learn proper form, technique and how to use the equipment safely. This class is intended to build confidence and knowledge.

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Iron Ninja Training Team

Ages: 7-16

Anyone who is interested in taking that next step in their fitness journey is encouraged to join. Athletes will grow mentally and physically with the help of our coaching staff. Here at Iron Coyote we encourage a safe, fun, and challenging environment. If your ninja is not sure if they want to compete, there is no worry. They have the option to train as a team and not participate in competitions.

Please email our Program Director ( with questions about joining the training team

Progressive Levels

A progressive level system evaluates and advances ninjas in their skill and knowledge of core values. Ninjas advance based on skill progression while learning sportsmanship.

Each participant will do a pre-class evaluation to determine their starting level.

Black - Superior
Green - Advanced
Gray - Intermediate
Blue - Intermediate
White - Beginner


When signing up online, you’ll pay the registration fee and membership fee for each new ninja student.

All Ninja Classes

$149 (6 weeks, 1x/week)
$225 (6 weeks, 2x/week)
$90 (Homeschool rate for six weeks)

Iron Ninja Training Team


Registration Fee

$35 – Ninja T-Shirt, Ninja Band based on level

Sibling Discount

10% – Call or email to apply sibling discount

Member Perks

Two free one-hour passes, 20% admission/parties discount, 10% with recurring payment plans

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